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FriWite PosterThe new FriWite point of sale poster is now available absolutely free.

FriWite is exclusively available from Friars Pride, Henry Colbeck and V A Whitley.
For more information please contact your local Q Partnership member.

Friars Pride: 
01733 316400 or call your local sales team which can be found on the Contact Us page

Henry Colbeck:
0191 482 4242 or call your local sales team which can be found on the Contact Us page
V A Whitley:
01706 364211 or call your local sales team which can be found on the Contact Us page

Check our progress at RSPO Sustainability information 

FriWite- RSPO certified sustainable palm oil for Fish and Chip shops

FriWite is the RSPO [Round table on Sustainable Palm Oil] certified sustainable palm oil that fries pure and light in colour enabling you to create perfect fried food.

FriWite is exclusively available from Friars Pride, Henry Colbeck and V A Whitley.  Sustainable palm oil production is comprised of legal, economically viable, environmentally appropriate and socially beneficial management and operations.  RSPO members make up a large part of the world’s palm oil that is produced and sold in the global market.  [Source Sept 2016]  The Q Partnership comprising Friars Pride, Henry Colbeck and V A Whitley are members of RSPO.

So not only is FriWite produced from only the best ingredients, it is now certified as fully RSPO certified sustainable palm oil. This means you can purchase FriWite knowing that the product meets the supply chain requirements and standards set out by RSPO, from plantation grower through to your shop.  The requirements FriWite meets are set out and audited by RSPO independently and the use of the logo trademark is granted only upon successful certification.

FriWite has no hydrogenated fats and with less than 1% trans fat, you can positively promote the benefits of frying in FriWite to your customers.  Point of sale such as posters and window stickers are all available upon request.


  • RSPO certified sustainable palm oil
  • Fries pure and light in colour
  • No hydrogenated fats
  • Less than 1% trans fat
  • 100% Palm Oil

FriWite is available exclusively from Friars Pride, Henry Colbeck and V A Whitley, members of The Q Partnership.  If you would like to “fry the benefits” of FriWite call your local exclusive distributor today.

Friars Pride – 01733 316400

Henry Colbeck – 0191 482 4242

V A Whitley – 017076 364211

Check our progress here RSPO Sustainability information

Fry The Benefits with FriWite!

FriWite® has been specially developed for fish friers who want to maintain high standards and serve fine, high quality fried food.

Using only the finest and specifically sourced raw materials, FriWite® is a 100% palm oil made from carefully selected ingredients to enhance its quality and purity. The refining process involves removing most of the palm oil colour, to create a pure and light colour product, hence the name FriWite®.

FriWite has received a number of positive testimonials with fish friers praising its quality, durability and competitive price. Read FriWite testimonials here.

The ‘Fry The Benefits’ competition has now ended, however if you are interested in trying FriWite please fill out the below form.

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Promote the benefits of using FriWite® to your customers

Would you like to promote the benefits of using FriWite® to your customers? A selection of ‘point of sale’ including posters and window stickers is available to promote that your food is served pure and light with FriWite® and is 100% vegetable oil. Contact us for FriWite® promotional material to use in your shop.

Earn 2 Save & Select points with every box of FriWite®

Earn 2 Save & Select Points with every purchase of FriWite®, to redeem for high street vouchers.
FriWite® is exclusive to The Q Partnership, which entitles every customer to earn Save & Select points on selected products, to redeem for gifts including M&S, Love2Shop, Sainsbury’s vouchers and more.
Contact your Q Partnership member for more information and to check your points balance.

July & August Offer – Buy 10 Get One Free!

This offer has now ended.

Trial FriWite® – fill your pan and see the benefits to your business

This offer has now ended.

Would you like to try FriWite®? Claim your two FREE boxes of FriWite® and see the benefits for your business. While promotional stocks last, available to new users only.
Contact your nearest Q Partnership member to trial FriWite®.